Daycare Supplies by Bright Star Kids

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Your kids always need something creative to spark their imagination and keep them engaged. Bright Star Kids AU offers a fantastic range of daycare supplies designed to delight and inspire your little ones. Discover fun and personalized items that make daycare a more enjoyable and organized experience for both kids and parents. Bright Star Kids is a family-owned business that designs and produces top-quality personalized products for kids. The company offers on-trend designs, affordable prices, and incredible customer service, making it a trusty spot for online shopping. Here are some of the incredible personalized Daycare Essentials. These supplies come in 100s of cute designs and help your kids recognize their items at daycare. 

Explore Daycare Supplies from Bright Star Kids

Discover daycare supplies by Bright Star Kids, to transform your child's daycare days where creativity meets practicality.

Backpack & Lunch Bag Combo

The fantastic Backpack & Lunch Bag Combo is the perfect pair to ensure your kid's days are brighter and more organized, featuring fan-favorite designs that are both practical and stylish. Get your kids excited for school, daycare, and all kinds of adventures by choosing from classic black, dark blue, or pink, and personalize these must-haves with your child's name and hundreds of design and color options. Whether heading to school or on a weekend outing, this combo keeps everything your child needs within easy reach.


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Here are the key features of Kids' Backpack:


  • Comes with comfy padded straps and durable crocodile zips.

  • Offers three spacious compartments.

  • The main body measures 28cm wide x 37.5cm high x 15cm deep.

  • Front pocket sized at 20cm wide x 20cm high x 4cm deep.

The following are the features of Lunch Bags:


  • Featuring a silver-insulated interior.

  • Offers a handy mesh pocket.

  • Comes with a reinforced handle.

  • Sized at 19cm wide x 23cm high x 8cm deep.


Buy Backpack & Lunch Bag Combo, an unbeatable choice for keeping your child's school day smooth and organized, for just $79.95.

Daycare Drink Bottles

This Daycare Drink bottle is the perfect transition from sippy cups to big kids' bottles. Designed with a handy flip-top lid, these bottles make the switch smooth and spill-free. Whether your child is in daycare, kindy, or early primary school, they'll love having their name and favorite designs on these leak-proof bottles. It's a fun, practical way to ensure they stay hydrated throughout the day. 


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Below are more features of Daycare Drink Bottles:


  • Feature an easy-to-open, leak-proof lid that prevents spills when closed. 

  • Comes with a variety of designs to suit boys and girls of all ages.

  • Each bottle is custom-printed with your child's name and favorite design.

  • Comes with a size of 6.5cm wide x 17cm high (2.5" x 6.6").

  • Available in 6 colors.

Buy Daycare Drink Bottles, ideal for school or activities, for just $24.95.

Bento Lunch Box

The personalized Bento Lunch Box. This lunch box is perfect for storing sandwiches, snacks, and more. It also includes a plastic spork, making it easy for children to enjoy various dishes like salads, rice, and pasta. This lunch box is built to withstand the rigors of school life while maintaining its stylish appearance. The lid of the Bento Lunch Box is personalized with a large waterproof, dishwasher-friendly label that is scratch-proof and fade-resistant. Displays your child’s name and a design they'll love.


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Here are the key features of Bento Lunch Box:


  • Features three spacious compartments.

  • Comes in a rectangular bento style.

  • Offers four closure clips.

  • Made from durable plastic.

  • Available in a size of 21.8cm (8.5") wide x 15.7cm (6.1") high x 6cm (2.3") deep.


To make your kid’s lunchtime a delightful experience, buy Bento Lunch Box, for just $22.95.

Daycare Pillow Cases

Daycare pillowcases feature a variety of delightful designs, from dinosaurs to butterflies and unicorns, these pillowcases are sure to be a hit with your little one., making it easy to identify and preventing any mix-ups. Perfectly sized for daycare and a thoughtful gift your child can dream of. Designed to stay vibrant and crisp even after multiple washes. These pillowcases are the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and personalization, adding fun and comfort to your child's daycare experience.




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Below are the key features of this product:


  • Crafted from soft and durable white polyester fabric.

  • Made with an invisible zip closure.

  • Available in various colors.

  • Each pillowcase is custom-printed with your child's name.

  • Comes with a 76cm W x 46.5cm H (30" x 18.3") of pillow case size.


To make nap time a cozy and secure experience, buy Daycare Pillow Cases for just $14.95.


These were the Daycare Supplies offered by Bright Star Kids, designed to bring joy and functionality to your child’s daily routine. With personalized options and high-quality materials, these items are perfect for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable daycare experience. These items are crafted with care to ensure quality and functionality. Trust Bright Star Kids to provide the best daycare essentials, making every day a little brighter for your child.

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