Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy Statement?

The privacy policy is a detailed statement about the type of information collected and being used by the company. It also illustrates how the information is used and to whom it has been shared. The privacy policy applies on both the mobile application users and the website users that how the website and its affiliates use your information for a successful transaction. By using our services and website, the website assumes that you agree with the privacy policy and the use of your information is in your consent. If you disagree or don’t want us to handle your information, you may immediately stop using the website and it’s services. The privacy policy will be modified after any change being made in the terms and you are requested to go through it timely to stay updated with the new and updated privacy policy. You will also be notified by an email for any material change being made in the policy.

Types of Information Collected by the Website:

The type of information collected includes identification data which is your Name, Address, Social Media Account, Postal Address, Email Address or other information where communication can be carried easily.
Additionally, your demographics are collected such as Age, Gender, Birthday, Birth Year etc to target you with the best products accordingly.
Moreover, your commercial information is both collected by you and analyzed by the company that is your lifestyle, activities and interests based on your shares, posts, search history, watch history, websites you visit, keywords used and so on.
Also, location information is asked and studied through GPS on your device to know your Province, City, and Geographical location to access the services available nearby. Furthermore, your financial information is asked such as Debit or credit card number, card’s expiry and it’s security code which you use at the time of completion of a transaction at the website. Last but not the least, your internet connectivity and network activity information is studied to get to know about your browser type, device type, Operating System etc.

How is the Information Collected?

There are two ways how the information is collected: through your device or directly from you. The information given by you includes the sign up details you give at the time of creating an account, when you use the services, when you register yourself for the newsletter and updates, when you interact with us, when you make a purchase and other information you wish to provide us.
When you are using the website and it’s services, some of the information is automatically collected by default that is your Device or Model type, Operating System, Internet Protocol, Browser type, Network Information, information through Cookies and Cache, time spent on website, Websites visited and Language you use. Cookies, Cache and Web Beacons are used to study and collect such information so that we can improve and market our services that best suit you.

How the Collected Information is Used by the Website?

For operating and maintaining the functionality and usage of the website and it’s services.
To pitch you with the ads that may have your interest and are based on your lifestyle.
For fulfilling the order procedure that is completing the transaction.
For processing, booking and payment process.
For performing customer insight and survey customer research.
For sending and notifying you with reminders, Technical issues, change in the terms and policies etc.
For administrative purposes and prevention of frauds.
For letting you participate in programs and contests on the website.
To market you with location based offers and Coupons.
To better understand you and your interests in our offerings.
To allow you to apply for a vacant vacancy for the website and it’s operations.
To allow you to post a comment, video or reviews on a service or offer.

When and Why the Website Discloses Your Information?

To comply with legal law and orders by the regulating bodies.
With our vendors and management who perform several tasks at their respective departments.
With our logistics team for delivery of your ordered service.
With our partnered brands and merchants whose products and offerings are displayed on our website.
With our affiliates to be used for a successful transaction as per the privacy statement.
Lastly, your information is shared with our marketers, Resellers, Advertisers, Merchants, Partnered Brands, Distributors, Service Providers, Supply chain and Logistics, Government and legal bodies and our Service Providers.