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By providing us your email address or contact number or enabling us to send you notifications, you get to know about the latest offerings and deals every day. You can unsubscribe to this service anytime. By using the website, making a purchase or by signing up, we consider that you agree with our terms and conditions stated on the website. Some additional terms are only applicable on special offers and you are liable to follow them for proceeding the transaction further. You may also agree with the privacy policy as we follow it for a smooth run of a transaction. You are also requested to regularly visit the website for noticing any change being made in the policy or terms. If you do not agree with any part of the policy or any clause of the terms, you may stop using the website immediately.

About the Website:

The website is the place where we work in compliance with the partnered brands and merchants. Partnered brands are the brands known to you and are familiar in your lives. Merchants are the people who are sellers and issuers of the promotions and offerings. The website is not responsible for the privacy and terms of the partnered brands or merchants. We are just responsible for our website. Therefore, the delivery, packaging, care, quality, quantity, material etc all these things fall under the category of partnered brands or merchants. The site, content and infrastructure of the website is a part of us and we are responsible for it. We assume that the users purchase coupons, deals and other promotional offers for themselves or for gifting purposes. We request you not to resell, copy, publicly display, distribute or resell the content on the website.
The age of majority is necessary that you should be 18+ and a law abiding citizen. The site allows various users and visitors to contribute views, opinions, reviews and opinions. Any other content such as video, photos, images, sound etc can also be added by the users from their user account. You can either submit these on forums, blog portals, discussion groups, chat rooms, bullet boards or surveys. You are forbidden to post any content that is infringed with copyright or patents. The website has a right to post, edit, decline or refuse to accept a post. Your conduct will be observed by the website. All your interactions will be noticed and they should be in accordance with the terms and conditions. The activities which are prohibited include: violating the applicable law such as using someone else's content (intellectual content) which has a copyright. Uploading content that includes personal information. Impersonating and offending other users on the website. Immoral and unethical behavior. Fraudulent activity. Accessing a server account which is not for your use. Data gathering purpose. Reselling the deals without our consent. Tracking sales, offers information, pricing. Spying for third parties and delivering the data to them. Illegal or malicious behavior.
We are responsible for the privacy of your personal information you provide us and we assure you that it will not be handed over to any other entities. Customer satisfaction and our dignity towards our work matters the most to us therefore, we do not sell or share your information with/to the third party. The use and handling of your personal information is already deeply elaborated in the privacy policy that how your information is collected, what type of information is collected and how it is handled within each department for a smooth and successful transaction. We therefore encourage you to go through the terms and conditions and the privacy policy on the website because we assume that by using our services and website you agree with our terms and policies. Any behavior that is impersonating or offending others will not be promoted and your access to the website will be blocked permanently without any prior notice. You are responsible for every action being done by your account therefore, you should keep it safe and secure and it is your duty not to share it with anyone else.
The terms and conditions cover the special program, privacy policy, prohibited actions, about the website, security of your personal information and your consent and agreement with these terms and conditions and our privacy policy.