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admin  |  2023-02-22

Everyone knows how women love shopping but most of us are intimidated by the idea of lingerie shopping. This is true that shopping for lingerie isn’t as easy as most girls think, it is tricky and needs sensibility to choose what’s best fits for you. 

But the question is what lingerie means for you? Simply innerwear or wearing pieces that keep you warm or safe? No, in my opinion, lingerie is more than this, it is really meant for women to make them feel beautiful and comfortable in their own bodies. 

If you ask me, what lingerie meant to me, then I’d love confidently answer, lingerie is not just a piece to cover, not just innerwear but something that makes you feel a little extra special, no matter what’s your body shape just feel beautiful in a piece of pretty lingerie. 

When it comes to choosing lingerie keep in mind, there’s nothing like a piece of pretty lingerie to make you feel more special. Most women didn’t recognize, the right lingerie can do wonders to make them look and feel their best. 

Tips To Consider Before Buying Lingerie 

Most women do this mistake when they tend to shop for lingerie, they rush and didn’t recognize what they actually need. Rushing to buy lingerie can be the worst thing that may waste time and money. I always try to be rational and attentive when I need to buy lingerie, I always keep my mind attentive to these things to consider before buying lingerie, and believe me, nothing I found but iconic pieces that make me feel beautiful inside.  Here I want to give you some useful tips that will help you to consider before you start lingerie shopping:

  • Choose according to your body type

  • Learn something about types of lingerie and options 

  • Choose comfortable pieces over style 

  • Consider your body shape 

  • Choose your personal style 

  • Choose according to the season 

  • Try to find out your faves according to the occasion

  • Always go to the quality 

  • Pay heed to the size guide 

These are things to consider when it comes to choosing lingerie, if you pay heed to these tips you don’t need to worry any longer. By knowing what you’re looking for, you can make your lingerie shopping more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Where To Find Perfect Lingerie?

Two years before, I was just like all the women concerned about finding the perfect pieces of lingerie. One day I scrolled on the internet and found the best spot that offers a vast variety of lingerie, and swimwear named marlies|dekkers, created by a pioneer Dutch lingerie and swimwear designer that empowers women. You can find the perfect lingerie that designs-created according to the golden combination of design, fit, and feminine point of view- show women the best version of themselves by framing their beauty. 

All of their lingerie is just like a powerful boost of self-confidence, which has turned women to feel and appreciate their own beauty by themselves. They offer you a beautiful design with exceptional comfort. If you want to find your best-suited lingerie pieces then they made the process not only simple but also enjoyable. I found a full range of bras, created to make every woman feel feminine and confident. 

You can shop care bras and will love the beautiful range of prosthesis bras that are made from quality fabric and have soft pads, are free of wires, and have hidden pockets for all sizes of prosthetics. They will fit like a second skin, offering unrivaled support and comfort thanks to their round back. One thing I love most, they offer high-quality materials, a perfect cut, and amazing comfort no one can offer before.

Outstanding Comfort To Look And Feel Your Best

The right one, a perfect fit, feel so comfortable to wear, these are always the priorities when it comes to choosing lingerie. Now you can find all these whatever your age and shape. They offer from small sizes to plus sizes, in so many stunning designs and colors. 

You can easily discover their gorgeous range, created to make you feel feminine and empowered. In colors from sensual black to striking absinth green with stunning lines to give you the perfect silhouette. 

You’d love to find a sensational range of bottoms in the same range or as separates to complete your look. From thongs, Brazilian shorts, and briefs, in materials ranging from lace to silk. marlies|dekkers has made the complicated process of buying lingerie a pleasure. 

Every woman can explore her favorite lingerie pieces, created to make every woman look and feel her best. I love their range of push-up bras, balconette bras, super push-up bras, and plunge bras, all are just amazing to wear and pretty enough to feel bold and gorgeous.  

Want To Choose The Right Style? No More Trouble!

It has been a big issue to find out the right style when it comes to choosing lingerie, but not anymore. As you are now meet to the place that works for women like a guide, whether she is going to choose the perfect lingerie style, a perfect size, or a color that suits her. 

Whatever marlies|dekkers offers the choice of lingerie on offer is enormous here, they offer great support and give you sexy but modest cleavage in every piece of lingerie. Opt for a push-up bra when you want to achieve impressive cleavage, while the plunge bra is a must-have for those daring and low-cut necklines. 

If you want to choose the bottom style, they offer such a wide selection of bottoms whatever style of women’s underwear you prefer, you can be sure of great quality and perfect fit. Your outfits will always look sensational, while your underwear remains invisible. Thongs are super sexy but always comfortable while Brazilian shorts offer you the perfect combination of classic style with a figure hugging cut. Once you’ve decided on the style of bra you want, you can move on to the design. 

From the delicate playfulness of our Florence bra with its lace trims and bows1 to the daring lines of our demi bra and the classic elegance of our Yukata Collection with its printed fabric. Once you’ve decided on the style of bra you want and selected the design, it’s all about selecting the right size. 

You can also discover the full swimwear range, women’s swimwear is not just stunning here but it’s also flattering to women of all sizes and ages, giving you all the support and comfort you need in order to make the most of your holiday. From the beautiful silver sequins of the Lagertha’s Reflection collection to the dazzling indigo of the Puritsu range inspired by Japan. Beautiful and striking details like pleats and exquisite braided straps add the finishing touches. 

Well, finding the best lingerie is such an important item in any woman’s wardrobe but choosing the right fit and style can be difficult. I hope my blog post will help you to get insider secrets for bold beauty. Whatever effect you wish to achieve, whatever your style and shape, you can now easily and stress-free shop for lingerie and can discover your favorite style that suits you.