All About Family Tree DNA

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Most people are curious about their ancestry and want to know all about their ancestors and family background. If you are one of them and have ever wondered about your ancestors and where you come from. Then there is Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) just for you, which offers a fascinating journey into your family's past through DNA testing. In this guide, you can explore all about Family Tree DNA, how it works, and what it can offer you, just have a look to learn about your family ancestors.

Who is Family Tree DNA? 

Family Tree DNA is a company specializing in genetic genealogy. They help people all around the world, by tracing their ancestry through DNA testing. They offer unique databases for autosomal DNA, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), and Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA), allowing you to uncover connections and break down genealogical brick walls.

How It Works 

It is a simple and easy process. Once you order your DNA kit online, it's time to collect your DNA sample. No need to worry about needles or blood, just swab the inside of your cheeks with the provided swabs. Then, mail your kit back in the prepaid package provided. 


After a few weeks, you will receive your results online. Family Tree DNA notifies you via email once your results are ready. Plus, if you want to explore further, you can add tests or upgrade your service without needing to swab again.

What It Offers 

Family Tree DNA offers a range of features to help you discover your roots: 


Autosomal DNA Matching Database: Connect with relatives who share your autosomal DNA and trace your ancestry back five generations. 


mtDNA Matching Database: Trace your maternal lineage back to a common ancestor by connecting with others who share your mitochondrial DNA. 


Y-DNA Matching Database: Trace your paternal lineage through connections with men who share your Y-chromosome DNA.

Discover New Connections 

By joining or starting group projects, you can collaborate with other genealogy enthusiasts to answer questions and break down brick walls in your research. Whether it's surname projects, haplogroup projects, or geographical projects, there's a community waiting to explore with you.


Let’s explore the plans to discover more about your family history at affordable prices.


mtDNA: Maternal ancestry for genetic males and females, starting from $119.


FAMILY FINDER: Family ancestry for genetic males and females starting from $59.


BIG Y-700: Paternal ancestry in greater detail for genetic males starting from $449.


Y-DNA: Paternal ancestry for genetic males starting from $119.

Privacy and Protection 

Family Tree DNA prioritizes your privacy and data security. With extensive encryption measures and ownership of their CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratory, they ensure that your information remains safe and protected throughout the testing process.


This was all about Family Tree DNA, which offers a unique opportunity to connect with your past and uncover the stories of your ancestors. With its comprehensive databases, collaborative projects, and commitment to privacy and protection, the platform empowers people to explore their heritage and discover new connections. Whether you are tracing your maternal lineage, exploring your paternal heritage, or delving into the mysteries of autosomal DNA, this company is your gateway to a richer understanding of your family's history. Start your journey today and unlock the secrets of your past. You have the opportunity to unlock the mysteries of your family's past, connect with relatives, and uncover the stories that shape your identity.


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