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Having a pet is wonderful, but it`s important to keep them safe and secure. To protect your pets, choose collars that are snag-proof or breakaway. You might also consider reflective collars and GPS to keep track of them. Finding high-quality pet products can be tough, but not anymore. Halo offers the world`s best safety and training solutions for dogs. With offering pet care collars the brand also provides beacons that are small yet powerful devices, that seamlessly connect with your Halo collar, providing enhanced functionality. These innovative devices are designed to make pet care simpler and more convenient than ever before. By offering a range of modes and features, these beacons empower pet owners to create customized solutions tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


Here we have mentioned the top Beacons from Halo.

Explore Top Beacons from Halo

Be ready to explore the top Beacons offered by Halo to automatically communicate with Halo collar to know where your dog is to enjoy or make a mess.

Zone Beacon

The Zone Beacon is the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor environments and offers versatile solutions for pet owners. It Prevents unwanted behaviors such as digging up flowerbeds, accessing the pool area, or jumping onto furniture with ease. Easily set up "Keep Away" and "Ignore Fences" zones wherever needed. To operate, simply twist off the top plate to access the ON/OFF toggle switch and battery compartment.


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Following are more features of this device:


  • Built to withstand various weather conditions. 

  • Features a user-replaceable CR2477 battery, that offers 1000mAh capacity and 15 months of battery life.

  • Comes with secure mounting options, including a screw mounting kit and double-sided adhesive. 

  • Comes in a size of 40.5mm diameter x 17mm depth.

To avail of these features, buy Zone Beacon for just $39.99.

Remote Beacon

If you want to experience affordable peace of mind for your dog then the Remote Beacon is for you. You can easily call your dog back to you from any location with a simple button press. The best thing is, that there is no need for a phone connection. Comes with customized feedback options such as return whistle, praise, warning, boundary, or emergency using the intuitive Halo Collar app. Comes with a powering on/off button, you can hold it down for 5 seconds (on 1 long blink, off 5 short blinks). 


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Below are more features of this beacon:


  • Compact and lightweight design.

  • Allows easy attachment to a keychain or leash.

  • Features a replaceable CR2032 battery of 230mAh capacity and a lifespan of 9 months.

  • Comes with a 45mm x 45mm x 6.5mm size,  weighing 20g.


To get long-lasting reliability for your dog, buy Remote Beacon for just $39.99.

Training Beacon

The Training Beacon, specifically designed for indoor training purposes, effortlessly creates "Keep Away" and "Ignore Fences" zones to suit your training needs. Also known as the Indoor Beacon, comes included with a Halo Collar kit, offering added value and convenience. Seamlessly integrates with the Halo Collar app, allowing for customizable range levels tailored to your training requirements. 


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Here are more features of this device:


  • Offers a battery life of one month.

  • Comes with compact dimensions of 35mm diameter x 8mm depth.

  • Offers on/off power with ease by squeezing and holding for 5 seconds (long blink once for on, 5 short blinks for off). 

  • Crafted with user-replaceable CR2025 watch battery with 85mAh capacity. 


Important note: The Training Beacon is exclusively included in the Halo Collar kit and is not available for individual purchase. Visit the Zone Beacon page to explore additional beacons for everyday use.

Halo USB Beacon

One of the most convenient solutions, The Halo USB Beacon, plugs into any standard USB-A port or wall charger (included), creating "Keep Away" or "Ignore Fence" zones in indoor locations. The best thing about this device is that it doesn`t need any batteries, it operates continuously when connected to power. Ideal for indoor use only, ensuring optimal performance near wall outlets, computers, or other indoor areas. The USB Beacon will remain active as long as the power source is live, eliminating the hassle of battery replacements. 


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The key features of this device are:


  • Offers compact dimensions of 19mm length x 14mm width x 6.5mm height.

  • Comes in an adapter size of 38mm (53mm with outlet prongs).

  • Provide uninterrupted functionality.

  • Offers the length x 32mm width x 22mm height, ensuring compatibility with various outlets and power sources. 


To get discreet and unobtrusive in your home environment, buy Halo USB Beacon for just $39.99.


These were the Halo`s top beacons representing a breakthrough in pet care technology, offering unparalleled convenience. Whether you are looking to establish boundaries, enhance training sessions, or provide instant feedback to your furry friend, these beacons will help you. Comes with a user-friendly design and advanced functionality, revolutionizing the way you care for your pet.

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