Top-Rated Sleep Solutions by Hatch

admin  |  15 May 2024

Getting a good night's sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. Sleep products are designed to help individuals achieve better rest by creating a conducive sleep environment and addressing various sleep issues. These products can be used to improve sleep quality for newborns, children, and adults alike.


Hatch is a brand dedicated to improving sleep for everyone. Their first product, Hatch Rest, has already helped over half a million families get a better night's rest. Hatch's mission is to make sleep easier with innovative, all-in-one products designed for users of all ages.

Best Selling Products by Hatch

The best-selling products by Hatch are designed with the latest technology to create effective and easy-to-use sleep solutions. By addressing the unique sleep needs of children and adults, Hatch continues to lead the way in promoting better sleep for everyone. Here are some of their best-selling products that have helped countless individuals and families achieve better sleep:

Rest Go

The Rest Go portable sound machine by Hatch ensures your baby can sleep soundly anytime, anywhere. With ten soothing sounds in a compact design, it’s perfect for strollers, travel cribs, or diaper bags. This essential sleep aid features simple controls and a durable, drool-proof exterior. Available in five earth-friendly colors, Rest Go is crafted from recycled materials, reflecting Hatch’s commitment to sustainability.

Key Features:

  • Compact and easy to clip on strollers, travel cribs, or diaper bags.

  • Includes White Noise, Hush, Heartbeat, Ocean, and more to help your baby sleep.

  • Drop-proof and drool-friendly, ensuring long-lasting use.

  • Available in Mint, Honey, Peach, Putty, and Slate, made from recycled materials.



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Ensure your baby sleeps soundly on the go. Purchase the Rest Go for $34.99 today.

Rest 2nd gen

The Rest 2nd Gen by Hatch is a versatile sleep aid designed for children of all ages. This dream machine supports healthy sleep habits from newborns to early risers with soothing sounds and a calming night light. Loved by parents, it ensures restful nights for both you and your child, helping everyone wake up refreshed.

Key Features:

  • Offers continuous sounds like white noise, wind, rain, and lullabies to keep your child dreaming.

  • Provides a calming glow for midnight feedings and diaper changes, with customizable colors.

  • Helps early risers stay in bed with light and sound cues.

  • Adjust settings remotely to maintain a peaceful sleep environment.



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To create a perfect sleep environment for your child, purchase the Rest 2nd Gen for $59.99 only.

Restore 2

The Restore 2 by Hatch is your bedside sleep guide, designed to help you sleep the way nature intended. This all-in-one dream machine features a gentle sunrise alarm, soothing sleep sounds, and a calming bedside light to support a restful sleep routine from sunset to sunrise. Make sleep your simplest self-care routine with Restore 2.

Key Features:

  • Wake up gently with a sunrise that aligns with your natural circadian rhythm.

  • Enjoy deep sleep with nature-inspired, science-backed sounds that drown out background noise.

  • Create a dreamy bedtime atmosphere with calming colors like Lilac or Warm White.

  • A sleek, bedside-friendly design available in three natural colors, perfect for sleepy hands.



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Upgrade your sleep routine by purchasing the Restore 2 for $169.99.


Hatch offers solutions tailored to various sleep needs. By integrating Hatch into your nightly routine, you can ensure a more restful and rejuvenating sleep experience for you and your loved ones. Explore these best-selling products and take the first step towards achieving the quality sleep you deserve.


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